Is there any better word for Motwani than BRILLIANT???!!! ...you don’t forget – and for days you unpack it and unpack it, yearning to see it again and again....performance doesn’t get better than this. BRAVO to CAATA for bringing #EMBEDDED# to Chicago! If you love thought-provoking performance that unleashes belly laughs, keep an eye out for Motwani’s return.
— Amy Munice, Editor in chief, Picture This Post, CHICAGO

#//EMBEDDED//# is a multimedia piece of devised theatre that examines the condition of a trapped virtual identity through the lens of a cyber celebrity stuck within the regulating algorithms of a social media platform, inside a broadcasting room floating somewhere in the inter-webs of cyber space and time. 

An introspection on notions of identity and image, reality and perception, our need for real connection and inclusion coupled with our inability to disconnect our selves from the virtual world (and our virtual identities in it)

A revolt against all identities that trap us - of race, color, gender, class, religion, nationality etc that we build or are systematically imposed upon us to create walls that divide, separate, exclude, regulate and restrict us from real connection and access to our selves and each other. 



#//<EMBEDDED>//#  Combines

Film Projection, Image Projection, GIF Animation with Live Physical Theatre

"For anyone concerned with humankind’s

increasing overlap with, and dependence on,

internet-connected machines,

this is must-see theatre"

- Pat Bitton, North Coast Journal

#EMBEDDED# (1) (1).png

Written/Directed/Created/Performed by: Pratik Motwani In residency @

Dell'Arte International, Blue Lake, CA & University of Missouri, Columbia, MO.


"A show that will make you laugh until you cringe....

Brazenly naked and audaciously funny,

this show will tickle your guts as hard as it punches it"



Projection Design: Brad Carlson; Set Design: James Hildebrandt; Lighting Design: Mike Foster

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Official Selections

2019 Kennedy Center’s ACTF, Sioux Falls; 2018, CoHo SummerFest, PDX; 2018 FURY Factory Fest, SFO; 2018 CAATA ConFest, Chicago; 2018 Mad River Fest, Dell’Arte International

"Intelligent theater that kept us

hooked, addicted, conned....

I’d buy a bridge in the Sahara Desert

from Pratik Motwani!"

- Maria Choban, Oregon Arts Watch