#//<EMBEDDED>//# is a multimedia piece of devised theatre which combines Film Projection, GIF Animation, Prezi Presentation and Physical Theatre.

It explores the interplay between the 3 dimensional space of the stage and the 2 dimensional space of the screen. It examines two sides of the same character living simultaneously and parallely in two different worlds - The Real World (seen as video projection) and The Virtual World (on stage); The conflict between his real world identity and how the virtual world sees him; His search for home in both worlds: A place where he can have real connection/inclusion/belongingness, coupled with his inability to disconnect himself from the clutches of all the virtual/imposed identities that control, dictate, impose upon him his sense of self: who he is, where he belongs, what he can or can not do.


#//<EMBEDDED>//# draws parallels between The Skinner Box Experiment -An experiment conducted in early 1930's by B.F Skinner which involved the use of an operant conditioning chamber created to analyze and control the response behaviour of rats to a particular event using electrical impulses as stimulus - with social media algorithms that employ similar tactics of instant gratification and operant conditioning to create desired responses that manipulate, regulate and build a false sense of identity and self worth. It also examines the condition of “Internet Addiction” - A rapidly growing phenomenon that widely affects teens and young adults in the USA and across the world, It has been recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a mental health condition. In countries like China and Korea Internet Addiction severely affects more than 60% of the teens and is identified as a National Health Problem.


#//<EMBEDDED>//# uses this frame work of Social Media, The Skinner box Experiment and Internet Addiction and  as theatrical metaphor to examine the condition of a trapped virtual identity desperately seeking real connection and inclusion but is stuck within the regulating algorithms of a social media platform, floating inside a broadcasting room somewhere in the interwebs of cyber space and time - A world from which it is impossible to disconnect and a world in which all connection and communication happens only via a digital “WALL”. A digital  "WALL" that is representative of all the different WALL’S of race, color, class, gender, religion, nationality etc  - that are systematically built and imposed upon us that divide, separate, exclude, regulate and restrict us from real connection and access to our selves and each other.