Motwani has elastic physicality; each new idea or feeling seems to reanimate his entire being, his every nerve ending alive to the most minuscule shift in mood
— San Francisco Chronicle
highly trained in physical and masked theatre, (Pratik) had the audience in hysterics ... a brilliantly executed, wordless study of how naked a performer can feel on stage, how humiliating for everyone the unexpected can be
— Oregon Arts Watch
Pratik’s physical grasp of the Commedia moves makes it seem as if the original Ruzzante (playwright and actor Angelo Beolco (1502-1542) nicknamed Il Ruzzante) has come to life. Motwani can mime the birth of a child with a few moves of his pelvis and bring back the memory of Motown with his singing and dancing. The man is versatile
— Mad River Union

Originally from Mumbai, India, Pratik is an Actor/Theatre Maker/Theatre Educator with a specialization in eastern and western forms of mask performance technique and devised physical theatre. He holds an MFA in ensemble based physical theatre from Dell'Arte International, Blue Lake, CA where he now works as a resident artist, teacher and company member.

As a voice over artist Pratik has lent his voice to actor Dev Patel (The Protagonist) in the Indian version of the Oscar winning film - Slumdog Millionaire

Pratik has also been a company member and educator of mask performance technique with IMAGO Theatre based in Portland, Oregon. With IMAGO Pratik has toured nationally and internationally as a lead performer and teaching artist in their world renowned physical comedy/mask performance/puppetry shows - FROGZ and Zoo Zoo (2012-2017).

As a self producing actor/creator Pratik likes to collaborate with other national/international artists and cross genre/cross sector partners to create, produce, tour both solo and ensemble based original works of devised physical theatre; His work seeks to manifest new worlds by integrating multiple mediums/art forms and searches for new/unique forms of theatrical vocabulary and story telling within it. His work often contemplates themes of identity and inclusion, death and transformation, illusion and duality and includes aspects of Commedia Dell'arte, Mask performance, puppetry, heightened physical movement, Vaudaville and Clown.

As part of the California Arts Council’s Create CA initiative and The North Coast Arts Integration Project Pratik works with local high schools and other youth programs in developing strategies to integrate and implement high quality arts programming within their educational curriculum. Pratik is currently leading an international cultural exchange program between Girls High School Harare, Zimbabwe; Dell’Arte International; and also teaching/producing the Rural Residency program at Dell'Arte International.

Recent work:





Official Selection, 2018 CoHo Summerfest, PDX

Official Selection, 2018 FURY Factory Fest, SFO

Official Selection, 2018 CAATA Confest, Chicago

A Multimedia piece of devised theatre combining Film Projection, Image proejection, GIF Animation and Physical Theatre. An introspection on Identity and connections in a digital world



The Long Way


The Long Way (

Official Selection, Off Broadway showcase, Theatre Row, 2017 United Solo Festival, NYC; 

A Visceral and Tactile experience of a man's incredible solo ocean voyage - Combines live shadow puppetry, physical theatre and storytelling.


The Mysterious Magical Brandishers of Magic!

Actor/Co Creator/Co Writer

The Mysterious Magical Brandishers of Magic (

Official Selection for 2018 New York Clown Festival, The BRICK, NYC; 

Official Selection for 2017 Play the Fool Festival, Edmonton, Canada

A Daredevil style freak show performed by an International, Intercontinental and Intergalactic clown trio - Fuses together worlds of Vaudaville, Magic, Illusion and Clown






Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 8.54.12 PM.png


Founder/Co Creator

IN'Tents (

Featured at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon as a part of the 2014 Green Show; Selected by the US embassy as part of AFCA's 5th annual Hakawy International Arts Festival for Children in Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt. 

A physical comedy show for kids and family audiences that  highlights the importance of nature conservation through a series of hilarious camping mis-adventures

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 5.13.11 PM.png

Dell'Arte Company



Ruzante Returns Home From War

Actor/Co Creator/Co Writer

Dell'Arte Company, Blue lake,CA (

As an actor with the Dell’Arte Company Pratik was recently seen playing leading roles in their production of The State of Jefferson (2017), The Big Thirst (2016), Comedy of Errors (2014) and most recently in the title role as Ruzante (Arlechino) in a Commedia Dell'Arte adaptation of Ruzante Returns From The War, June  2018 at Dell'Arte International's Mad River Festival. 







Actor/Touring Company Member


IMAGO Theatre, Portland, OR (

Pratik has also toured nationally/internationally as lead performer and teaching artist with IMAGO Theatre, Portland, OR in their world renowned physical comedy/mask performance shows FROGZ and Zoo Zoo (;  






Curriculum designer/Educator



Workshops and Intensive training in mask performance, devised work and the craft of the physical actor

Pratik has taught guest lectures in mask performance technique, physical theatre and devised work as part of master class series “The Spirit of the Mask”  in university programs across the United States including Pennsylvania State University, University of California in Berkley, University of Missouri in Columbia, Virginia Tech, Michael Chekhov School,NY, and Internationally including countries like Canada, Egypt, Jordan, India and France; has been an invited guest teacher/respondent/judge at Kennedy Center's American College Theatre Festivals


RURAL RESIDENCY, Dell'Arte International


As part of the first year MFA and PTP (professional Training Program) program at Dell’Arte International students interface with a specific rural community to create an original theatrical event; During the course of the 8 – 10 day residency, students meet with community members and organizations, teach workshops, camp at a local campsite, and create a final performance event inspired by the community.

International Artistic/Cultural Exchange Program

Producer/Lead Artist

 A 10 day international cultural/artistic exchange program between Girls High School Harare (GHSH) Zimbabwe, Arcata High School and Dell'Arte International. Key partners included Lloyd Nyikadzino (Theatre Teacher, GHSH Zimbabwe)  and Anne Bown-Crawford (Director, Arcata Arts Institute). 

RUN, HIDE, REPEAT - A devised adaptation of American cartoonist Art Speigelmen's graphic novel MAUS.

Lead Artist 

A collaboration between the Arcata Arts Institute and Dell'Arte International - Funded by California Arts Council's Artist in School Engagement Grant